Welcome to the Spring Branch Bowling Club

The Spring Branch Bowling Club has been around since 1969. Club members are friends or friends of friends...or soon to be friends.

9-pin is older than 10-pin or the standard bowling we all know today. 9-pin is not to be confused with 9-pin no tap bowling, these two are as different as day and night. Depending on who you talk to, the game was introduced in Germany in the Medieval Ages or back in the 1800’s in the USA by German immigrants. Either way 9-pin has been around for a lot longer time than 10-pin. As a matter of fact one of the tales I hear told is that 10-pin was derived from 9-pin in an effort to skirt gambling restrictions imposed on 9-pin back in the late 1800’s.

9-pin is very different to today’s 10-pin in many ways and is really very simple once you understand how the scoring is tabulated.